LIGHTPULSE implantable stimulators are not rechargeable, tetrapolar pulse generators, dedicated to peripheral nerve stimulation and based on an
efficient microprocessor technology.

These stimulators have a wide programmability of parameters and totally
configurable output.

LIGHTPULSE 102 presents a double-bipolar connector. Thanks to this, it offers the possibility to stimulate two different nerves simultaneously.

LIGHTPULSE 102 is compatible with all Neurimpulse tetrapolar leads.

Targeted pain management

LIGHTPULSE stimulators, especially designed for peripheral stimulation, allow an easy
and comfortable positioning during the implant near the painfull area.
This let an effective stimulation with less energy supplied and a consequent increase longevity.

Versatile solution for wellness

LIGHTPULSE stimulators give to the physician the opportunity of choosing, at any time, the stimulation in constant voltage or constant current , by giving full freedom of therapeutics treatment.

Special functions

• Daily function: daily programming of the switch on/off hour with 1 minute resolution.

• Circadian function: amplitude stimulation programming hour by hour, within 24 hours, between minimum and maximum values choosen by the physician.

These functions, together with the wide range of programmable parameters, offer therapy optimization
for each patient.


A wide diagnostic allows to obtain all necessary information for an easy and quick follow-up through instantaneous
telemetric measurements, trend and configuration history.

This one can store and recall therapeutic preset profiles.

Longevity and small dimensions

The activation of stimulation, with independently programmable ON and OFF periods, ensures a considerable
energy saving with an increase stimulator longevity.

Very low weight and volumes let a wide choice of positioning.

Physical characteristics

Height 50.5 mm 53.4 mm
Width 36.4 mm 37.0 mm
Thickness 7.2 mm 7.2 mm
Weight 25.5 g 26.4 g
Volume 11 cm3 13 cm3
Connector 1 x 4 electrodes 2 x 2 electrodes
Pulse amplitude Constant voltage / Constant current Constant voltage / Constant current