LIGHTPULSE 100L is a tetrapolar non rechargeable (primary cell) neurostimulator that is part of a peripheral nerve stimulation system, for which has been specifically designed. Lightpulse 100L is indicated for the treatment of chronic pain by the stimulation of peripheral nerve. The neurostimulator is equipped by an in line connector with four electrodes and it accommodates one bipolar or tetrapolar lead of Neurimpulse families.


The LIGHT MASTER 200 is the new programmer dedicated to neurostimulators of the Neurimpulse family. Equipped with a simple and intuitive user interface, it supports the doctor in the management of patients with chronic pain.


TL300ADA adapter cable is designed to be used in the temporary implantation connecting the trial stimulator TESTER LIFE 300, NEURIMPULSE leads or extensions.


The FIXLINE family includes a series of tetrapolar leads especially designed for treatment and control of chronic pain to be used in association with the stimulators manufactured by Neurimpulse. FIXLINE leads have excellent mechanical proprieties of strength and flexibility so they can be used in high stress environment ( like on brachial plexus ).


The length of the lead may be increased by using an extension with compatible connection. The extensions of the neurological LSL family, were designed to ensure a reliable and durable electrical stimulation for the treatment and control of chronic pain, combining excellent mechanical strength and flexibility.